Product available on Friday March 27th at 12 PM *Product will be fully sent out at April 5th

EARTH HOUR T-SHIRT product page

The collaboration between STATEMENT™ and the Earth Hour initiative is to bring awareness to Earth's current status, and how we as individuals play a big part in making our day to day lives much better! It is time for everyone to smile a little wider, love a little more and bring positivity to the community around you.

The Earth Hour T-shirt contains bold and fun graphics, the EARTH HOUR tee hopes to inspire people to contribute to the campaign and care for our planet each and every day. 

** The t-shirt will be available in two colour-ways, Space Black and Cloud White. 
** With every purchase of a t-shirt, we will be giving away a FREE Jet Black STATEMENT™  Bag and a Bottle of Lemongrass-infused Hand sanitizer — while stocks last.   

Remember Our Earth Hour:
"One hour, One world, Our future. There is no Planet B”.

The t-shirt is centered around one theme—sustainability. Made from the fastest growing plant on the planet, this t-shirt contains antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, UV protection, and extremely breathable properties — keeping you odor-free, dry, and cool during the summer and warm in winter.


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